"Blogging Positively": World AIDS Day Chat (Dec 2), Guide, and Project

Dear Friends,

Please join us on December 2, 2010, for a chat about the "Blogging Positively" project and e-guide. The chat will start at 11am EST, and we enthusiastically welcome new participants, in addition to friends who have already joined the global conversation.

You can participate in the chat through the Cover-It-Live platform (http://www.coveritlive.com/), which will also archive the transcript.   To do so, please go to this url (the chat will start live-streaming from there at the scheduled time): http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/blog/2010/11/18/live-chat-next-steps-for-the-blogging-positively-guide-on-december-2/   Background:

Two years ago, a World AIDS Day chat on the subject of citizen media and HIV/AIDS--sponsored by Rising Voices--revealed a strong interest in a guide on blogging about HIV/AIDS-related topics.

The e-guide, "Blogging Positively," was published last year, and can be downloaded at the following url: http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/guides. And for our map of people and groups who blog about HIV/AIDS, see http://is.gd/545x4.

Now that the "Blogging Positively" guide has launched, we want to find ways to make it as useful as possible. Suggestions include development of a curriculum that would accompany hands-on experience, expanding the guide to include other forms of citizen media ("blogging and beyond"), and other topics such as gender violence and HIV/AIDS, and linking it to other kinds of communication, such as art.

We have developed a list of possible "future scenarios", including:

   * Collecting best practices and adding blogs to our growing map.
   * Devising ways to involve people living in areas less Internet-accessible.
   * Including more individuals and groups directly affected by HIV/AIDS, and empowering HIV+ bloggers.
   * Organizing an international corps of local bloggers focused on HIV/AIDS.
   * Creating advocacy campaigns and "crisis blogging" teams for global hot-spots.
   * Implementing training programs on citizen media and HIV/AIDS.
   * Storytelling by and about people affected by HIV/AIDS.
   * Bolstering health education campaigns.
   * Encouraging use of citizen media other than blogging and the Internet.

The December 2nd chat will focus on gathering feedback about the e-guide and project, creating a curriculum, and some of the topics listed above (as time permits). Hopefully you can join us!


Blogging Positively Chat:  December 2, 2010, 11am EST (USA)

The chat will begin at 11am EST (Boston-New York).

This is 2pm (Buenos Aires), 4pm (London), 6pm (Cape Town, Beirut), 7pm (Nairobi), 9:30pm (New Delhi), 12am (Dec 3) (Beijing, Manila), 1am (Tokyo), 3am (Sydney).


Janet Feldman (Author, Blogging Positively Guide) kaippg@earthlink.net

Eddie Avila (Director, Rising Voices) eduardo13@gmail.com

Serina Kalande (Blogging Positively project) serina.kalande@gmail.com

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Even with a condom on, the condoms chances of ripping rises significantly due to the anus not being a sexual organ, so there is no natural lubrication, therefore the friction creates rips in the condom and the lining of the anus making it bleed, which makes the exchange of fluids easier.

It is criminal to keep this devastating FACT a secret.

Making that information known widespread would dramatical reduce the spread of this deadly disease.


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